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Performing searches

This guide looks at search function within the Directline system as well as how to use it’s features to increase search speed and efficiency.

  • To initiate a search in Directline look for and press the  button
  • Once on the search screen enter in any pertinent information into the criteria field(s)
  • When all criteria is filled click the  button to perform the search

Extra options are available on most search screens which will further enhance your results.  The delimiter menu can be used to do advanced search narrowing such as Equal ToStarting WithContaining etc.  For example you can narrow down a search to check on the longest length of copper wire above 50 ft by using the Greater than delimiter and typing in 50 ft.


Search Efficiency – Using multiple criteria fields will narrow the search and increase efficiency

Equipment Search – When using the Equipment search Directline also offers a hierarchical option which lists out all equipment in a parent/child relationship

Date Search – When searching by date, fill both “From” and “To” fields to see results from within that window. Filling only the “To” field will show all results before that date, and filling only the “From” field will show all results after that date.

Updated on October 2, 2023
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