• Reporting – Report Promotion

    Each user has a directory containing spreadsheets created by the reporter. You cna customize the Title, Column Labels, column widths, etc in these spreadsheets. The reporter will use these customized spread sheets unless the auto-Format option is not checked on the export screen. Promoting a template Navigation Promoting Every report…

  • How To – Saving Reports

    Here we will talk about how to save reports created in the Reporting module, Analytics, or by exporting from one of the consoles. Once data has been exported to Excel, it needs to be saved on the Directline server before it is copied to the user’s workstation. Follow the steps…

  • Reporting – Report Definition Wizard

    The Report Definition Wizard gives users the ability to create custom reports on their own. these reports can come from almost any table and can include features such as subtotals, and pre-set filtering criteria. Navigation Creating a Report These steps will take you through the Report Definition Wizard one screen…

  • Reporting – All Modules

    Most reports in the Directline system export to a spreadsheet and they can be found in the All Modules window. Choose a Report Reports are broken up by module. Click the plus sign next to a module to see the reports available for that module. Canned reports are noted with…

  • Reporting – Table List

    When creating reports in the Report Definition Wizard you need to choose what table to take the info from. Below is a list of the common tables and examples of what reports can be taken from them.

  • Requisition Entry

    Requisitions are used as a point to generate a purchase order. Requisitions can be created from the Inventory Automatic Reorder process, from a Request for Quotation, or from the Requisition Entry screen. This article will focus only on the Requisition Entry screen.

  • Inventory Automatic Reorder

    The Inventory Auto-Reorder is a tool used to simplify the process of ordering items to keep the warehouse stocked at or above minimum levels.

  • Inventory – Issue Entry

    The Issue Entry screen is used to issue parts to a work order. this screen would most often be used by a parts crib attendant who is issuing parts without accessing the Work Order screens.

  • How To – Creating a PMC

    A PMC is a PM procedure type that combines tasks on multiple frequencies into one entry. Example: a vehicle that requires an oil change every 3 months, a tire rotation every six months and a transmission fluid change annually. Setup Note: When adding frequencies each must be divisible by the…