Requisition Statuses – Full Package

Here is a list of Requisition statuses and what they mean. The status of a Requisition is set automatically and would never be manually changed.

  • NEW – the default status for a Requisition when it is created.
  • APPROVED – After the REQ reaches final approval it will change to approved status. This means it is ready to generate a PO
  • PO – Once a PO has been generated the requisition will switch to PO status. Once the REQ is in PO status it will be view only and can no longer be modified.
  • REC – If the PO gets received or partially received without closing it the REQ will change to REC status.
  • COMPLETE – Once the PO is marked as complete on the receiving screen the REQ will change to complete status as well.
Updated on December 6, 2023
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