How To – Creating a PMC

A PMC is a PM procedure type that combines tasks on multiple frequencies into one entry.

Example: a vehicle that requires an oil change every 3 months, a tire rotation every six months and a transmission fluid change annually.


Choosing PMC in the Type field changes how the screen looks.

  • On the left is a field to add a single piece of equipment
  • Add frequencies in order from longest to shortest
  • Add a last done date for each line.

Note: When adding frequencies each must be divisible by the one below. if all frequencies are pre-programmed letter frequencies, they are designed to be divisible.

Each frequency has its own description field. Choose a frequency, then click PMC Line Description to edit the description for that frequency.

Adding Details

When PMC type is chosen, the PM Details screen is formatted differently. Each line has an extra field to associate the item with a frequency. This allows attaching different checklists, labour, etc. with each Frequency.

Updated on October 24, 2023
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