How To – PM Types

Below is a brief description of the available PM types.

PM – Multiple EQP = Multiple WO
Choosing this type allows for adding multiple equipment and producing one WO for each piece.  Each equipment can have a different Last Done date since a separate WO will be created for each one.
This is great for managing workloads and scheduling shut down times.
PMI – Multiple EQP = One WO
Choosing this type allows adding multiple Equipment but creates a single Work order with all Equipment on it.  For this type, all Frequencies and last done dates must be the same.

PMI stands for Preventive Maintenance Inspection and can be useful when there are multiple equipment but not a lot of time will be spent at each one. this way only a single WO will have to be completed.
PMC – Single EQP with
Choosing this type allows for only a single piece of equipment, but consolidates all of the frequencies for that equipment into one PM Entry.  For example, if a piece of equipment has certain PM tasks that need to be done monthly and other tasks that need to be done Quarterly, a PMC will allow both of those frequencies to be added to the same PM entry with different tasks and different docs for each frequency.
Updated on March 23, 2023
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